Ti0 is a consciousness development facilitator and the founder of TheInfiniteZero.com where he built the Study of Self course by integrating Shamanism, Gurdjieff’s Fourth Way, Consciousness Nomadism, and several useful methods. In this episode, we talk about psychedelics, ayahuasca, consciousness development, creativity, NFTs, and so many interesting topics.

Read Ti0’s guest article for The Art Conduit Blog here:

The Price of Pleasing Others


01:17 Ti0’s journey from Seattle to the jungle

03:15 Discussion about Ayahuasca & Psychedelics

06:12 Ti0 gets into his Study of Self course

12:12 Psychedelics and their role in consciousness development

15:53 Navigating through difficult phases in consciousness development

20:43 What made Ti0 give up his “Brown Dream”.

27:49 The origin of the name Ti0

31:48 The void state

35:44 Discussion about the experiential nature of reality and life.

38:16 Creativity and authenticity

44:47 Ti0’s Exciting News!

52:28 Does Ti0 have daily rituals?

56:30 Closing thoughts


A story about lived experience

Have a Good Trip (Netflix)

Study of Self course