Kimmiko is a college student based in California and has worked in the tech industry in various internship roles. Outside of the tech, however, her heart belongs to the world of content creation. She has a podcast featuring black stories in tech, a commentary YouTube channel, and a newsletter sharing her creator journey.

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From Tech Enthusiast to Content Creator On The Rise


00:00 Intro

01:15 What’s in the name?

02:12 The Black Enterprise Network

07:22 Miko’s tech journey

09:44 The Tech Trap

10:49 Miko’s Slack Internship Experience

16:08 Tech interview stress

18:47 The Introverted Content Creator

23:16 Miko’s commentary videos

28:24 Modern dating

38:25 Daily rituals?

43:30 What’s next for Miko the creator

45:22 Closing thoughts

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