This week we are in conversation with Harshit Soni who founded and bootstrapped it to $50k, while still in college. He also recently launched a newsletter that features up-and-coming creators from Twitter.


00:00 Intro

01:17 Going against the grain in early career

06:26 Inspiration for being a founder

09:56 Marketing a visual company

11:30 Advertising on Quora

13:24 Entrepreneurship and Reliable income

17:31 Hiring your first employee

21:35 Daily rituals

25:19 Exponential Newsletter Growth

29:11 How does Harshit get content for the ThreadHunt newsletter

33:53 Message to budding creators

37:48 Outro

People Mentioned

Robert Kiyosaki


Book My Painting

Thread Hunt Newsletter

Rick Dad Poor Dad

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