Harlaksh Singh is a lawyer turned first-gen entrepreneur whose previous ventures include a Cross Border distressed asset consulting firm & a ton of other business ventures in corporate training, hospitality consulting, etc.

His most recent venture is a marketing agency built over 4.5 years (http://superflow.media), which launched a Marketing Education platform called Superflow. He also runs his private investments via Fifty Seven Capital & runs a non-profit for the last 5 years called Superflow Foundation. He is currently writing 2 books and is the host of the Superflow Podcast.


00:00 Intro

01:09 Lawyer turned Entrepreneur

05:03 Turning point in college?

08:08 Creativity and Creative Outlets.

12:58 Flow state

15:55 Running an ultra-marathon after a serious injury

23:40 Living without routines

29:52 Do creators need to love what they do?

37:24 Stories can be disingenuous sometimes

40:26 Online fights and conceptual thinking

42:48 You are worthy

45:00 Superflow Foundation

51:36 You can reinvent at any age

54:47 Be focussed, Be authentic, Try something, Fail, Learn, Rinse & Repeat

People Mentioned

Richard Branson

Jerry Seinfeld

Lionel Messi

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