In this week’s episode, we are in conversation with Dylan, who is the creator of the Growth Currency weekly newsletter and he has an active Twitter account where he shares tips, tools, and resources to help creators go from learning to earning online. While he has been focused on growing his audience base for the past 8 or 9 months, he’s still very much an “explorer” and is continually sharing what he’s learned along the way.

Guest Post by Dylan for The Art Conduit.

You Don’t Need to Outwit Your Competition (Do This Instead)

Show Notes

  • Connect with Dylan Twitter / Newsletter
  • Inspiration to start the growthcurrency newsletter. Commitment to doing 100 editions of something new before giving up. [01:51]
  • Picking marketing as a niche. Wanting to teach basic marketing to creators. Helping early stage creators. [04:04]
  • Going to platforms where the audience is. Building an audience on existing platforms and then moving them to your own platform. [06:34]
  • Striking a balance between authenticity and audience growth. How Dylan builds authentic relations on Twitter. [10:30]
  • What inspired the name growthcurrency. [15:12]
  • Finding balance between a full time job, dad-life, and being a creator. [17:40]
  • Daily ritual. Habits from a writing cohort (Ship 30 for 30) [19:05]
  • Creator economy. Lower barrier for entry. [21:59]
  • Standing out from the crowd. Everything is a remix. Consistency. [23:45]
  • Everyone starts with Zero. How to keep going when engagement is low. [28:31]
  • What’s next? What can you do after building an audience? [32:17]
  • Self-care routines. What fills your cup? [34:59]
  • Closing thoughts. [38:24]