In this week’s episode, we are in conversation with Ali Cantarella. Ali is an artist, illustrator, and muralist working out of Chicago, IL. After working in the comic book industry creating graphic novels and children’s books, Ali reinvented herself during the pandemic and pivoted into becoming a muralist. Join us as she shares her experiences as an artist.

Show Notes

01:09 Ali talks about how she’s more inspired by design patterns rather than drawing inspiration from classical street art.

02:13 Ali got into doing murals during the pandemic. It all started when she asked her landlord if she could paint her walls to brighten up the space.

03:25 Advice for budding muralists: It’s not as hard as it seems just scaled up.

04:45 We discussed what kind of paints and supplies one would need for painting a mural.

05:50 We get into Ali’s process from conceptualizing to implementing

09:32 We talk about how artistic expression can be meditative and therapeutic. Ali also reveals if her artwork has psychedelic inspiration.

15:11 Ali’s experience in Graphic novels

17:34 Has Ali always been an artist professionally?

22:25 How does Ali feel fulfilled while working for clients.

24:24 Discussion on women in the comic industry. Ali’s experience as a digital artist in the industry.

27:32 Best investment as an artist

30:40 What kind of Daily Rituals does Ali have?

35:19 How cooking is a really satisfying channel for artistic inspiration.

39:52 Ali’s Billboard message

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