Our brains are gooey, messy, and very moldable.

A couple of months ago, I started experimenting with textures on the canvas. I discovered the joy and the challenges of using modeling paste in my art. While I was battling with this viscous entity trying to guide it on canvas, I realized that it’s a lot like our brain.

1. It’s like a blob sometimes

When we don’t do anything with it, it’s a blob (much like the owner). The blob gets stuck sometimes. The blob can be also the entry point for creativity and curiosity.

With a little effort, the possibilities are endless. Love the blob!

2. Everything leaves a mark on it

Our brains are very impressionable. While we might not be super aware of this all the time but our interactions shape our minds in ways that we realize much later. Choose what you use to shape it carefully.

The company we keep, the content we consume, and our habits leave a lasting impact.

3. It leaves a mark on everything

Our brain also leaves a mark on everything It comes in contact with. So be mindful of what kind of impressions you are making on other people.

Without awareness, you could leave a mess behind, and the cleanup sucks.

4. Seems impossible to change when it dries

It seems super hard to form a new habit or impossible to change the habits that we already have. Similarly, we close off our minds to new experiences, and ideologies we close ourselves off to personal growth. The good news is that we can always change.

When a pallet knife doesn’t work anymore, try using a chisel.

Almost forgot! Here’s what the end result looked like. While painting this piece I was taken back in time to Kauai, Hawaii. The colors and the textures reminded me of snorkeling for hours in the pristine blue waters that were on offer. Hence the name, ‘Snorkeling in Kauai’

Snorkeling in Kauai