It all started on March 20th, 1983. 

I was born in a dusty, dank, run-down apartment building in downtown Houston, Texas. From that very second of birth to this day, my problems didn’t disappear. I’m not here to tell you my life is easier or that I am gifted. 

No sireee Bob! 

I still face anxiety and disappointments. Some problems are minor, and some are monster-sized! 

At 7 years old, mom gives me $1.30 for school lunch… for the entire week! The school worked out a deal with my mom to get lunch on a budget. I’m glad they did so other kids wouldn’t make fun of me. God bless their hearts. 


A friend that lived across the tracks said to me, “Arnold, you gotta get this magazine! It’s so cool!” 

I was so curious! The book fair came to school. I felt tempted to fit in and be just like my friend. So… I spent my lunch money on the magazine. Wrong move on my part! Mom whooped and barked at me for days. I felt dead inside. I was a mess after breaking the rules. 

Those feelings never go away. 

All of those “breaking the rules” memories messed me up. For years I used to pretend not to remember the hard days. Like sewage work for 7 bucks an hour, toxic management, and a wild coal mining job for 13 years.  The pains and pressures were a blessing in disguise, and the street smarts education reinvented my thinking. 

I am incredibly thankful for my past poverty and emotional battles. 



My past helped me become stronger. Every pain of my past is serious psychological training for my brain. I was no longer flabby in my mind. This new mindset helps me take on more meaningful risks, and make bolder decisions.

One of my biggest challenges is to stop placing all my faith in money, business, and people. 

It’s a greasy secret about life. We all are trying to figure this out. Nobody is perfect. No job will save your mental health. People will fail you at some point. We all fail. 

There is no perfection…And that’s perfectly fine! Now it’s time to shift.  Do your best to cut out the fluff and cut into the big enchilada…

Who are you?

Please don’t do what I did for years and water down the voice inside. To know yourself on a deeper level, you must bring your whole self to the game. 

My mission is to help all people take on their past and reframe it. Be thankful for your past. See it as the best education course in your life!

Here are few tips to get the most out of your day and reframe your past and develop a stronger mindset: 

  • Journal with no tech in the room.  Write with no editor. No judgement. No shame. Write about whatever you want! Try for 10 minutes. 
  • Go for a walk and look at the ground you walk on. Someday, the ground will hold your bones. Reframe the day as a gift. Failure is only a test. 
  • Ask questions, and don’t worry about answers. Get good at asking yourself bigger questions! 
  • Subtract emails and distracting apps from your phone. Get more creative space without overwhelming inputs from useless apps. Get ruthless and delete! 

The key here is to focus with a fresh brain at the first part of your day.  

Give it a try and see what works for you. 

Arnold Flores is a copywriter & mindset coach based in Gillette, Wyoming. After years of working in sewage and as a coal miner, he is now encouraging other creators to reinvent themselves and in his own words, “Rewire their past/self-talk and become unstoppable”

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