When I was in high school I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do with my life after graduation. This feeling followed me into my first few years of college until I discovered the wonderful world of technology and innovation. 

I originally had plans of majoring in Biological Sciences to become a Forensic Scientist…that is until I discovered the world of code by accident. From there I took a few Computer Science classes, networked in Silicon Valley, and did a few software engineering internships. 

Though throughout all of this, the initial excitement I had for creating websites and apps had gradually died and led to a ton of unexpected burnout. 

The thing I had worked towards for years I no longer cared for. What was I to do next? 

When you meet people in the tech industry, from CEOs to engineers to product managers, most of them will tell you about the many opportunities that can come from working in this space. 

Even when I was struggling the most common advice I was given was to “stick it out” and that things will get better as I get more experienced. I had “stuck it out” for over 3 years now, when was this feeling of fulfillment ever going to come? 

In 2020 I decided to go back to Slack for a second time as a backend engineering intern and experienced the worst burnout ever. 

Every single day I was anxious to go to work, even if remotely. The state of the world was depressing, and frankly I simply could not code for the life of me anymore. 

Things seemed hopeless…that is until I discovered a new creative outlet. 

Dating back to 2019, I was always curious about starting a podcast but had never taken any action because my life was on autopilot, and never really made the time for it. 

Well during the pandemic I thought to myself “I actually have the time now right? Might as well just do it.” 

I felt black voices in tech weren’t being shared enough, thus creating the Black Enterprise Network podcast: featuring black professionals in tech and entrepreneurship.

My love for creating podcasts led to me creating a YouTube channel, and now more recently my newsletter. 

At times I do face burnout, but not as much as before I discovered the world of content creation. 

Making content allows me to be my most creative, authentic self. 

Before I started my podcast I thought I’d have to work in tech as an engineer for the rest of my life, and now after everything that’s happened in the last year, I feel as though I have all the options in the world to do whatever I’d like. 

Allow yourself to explore the ideas and aspirations that are consistently on your mind. Try to find time whenever possible, your life might change because you tried. 

Mine definitely did.

Kimmiko is a college student based in California and has worked in the tech industry in various internship roles. Outside of the tech however, her heart belongs to the world of content creation. She has a podcast featuring black stories in tech, a commentary YouTube channel, and a newsletter sharing her creator journey.

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