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Everyone’s a creator but you’re taking steps to create!

            This is a truth statement: Story is the vehicle to get what you want out of life. 

From the baby to the board room, we all need to tell stories.

Whether you’re a child dying of thirst and need to explain why, or you’re a CEO who needs to raise money during an A round, you must be able to tell your story to get what you want.

Humans are horrible at remembering stats, figures, and graphs. We are AWESOME at remembering stories. A baby throwing up a PowerPoint explaining in graphs how he’s had X% of his daily water intake isn’t going to be as effective as the CEO who breaks down in tears as he explains just how much helping the world means to him.

This is How I want you to think about Story Today

Now let’s look at how story plays a part in your creative output.

Your creativity spans multitudes. Whether you want to do podcasts, paint, draw, write, or shoot the perfect 30ft arcing jump shot… there’s more than one creative endeavor you’re interested in.

Sushil tells jokes.

He also paints.

That’s just one example… what’s the example in your own life? I ask this because I want you to answer this, not just for yourself but also for your fans. Your community needs help connecting the dots. Let them see the why and how these seemingly disparate modes of artistic expression combine. Not just on the canvas but specifically how they connect in your mind.

            How do you make sense of the paradox in the art you create?

One of the reasons the audience loves storytelling is because they are stuck in their own heads all day. Sick of their own stories. The audience is bored with their own way of thinking. When you show us the novel connections that Only You make… that lets us get out of our own heads for a while, it’s a deep relief.

Show your audience the origin story behind why you create what you create. What was the tipping point moment?

End with triumph.

Open with flash illustrations of the final product, and then let us know the path getting there. Our biggest struggle in life is helping the audience understand how great we are, how cool our projects are… let them in on the secret of how you got the idea for your latest project. Let them into your mind and show them the thought process.

Let me know if you need help.

I’ve always got 30 min to hang out.

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